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The Servant Girl

Reclining Nude from the Back

Amedeo Modigliani

(1884 - 1920)

Amedeo Modigliani was born in Leghorn Italy on 12 July 1884, the fourth child of Flaminio Modigliani and Eugénie Garsin. Amedeo's talented predisposition to painting revealed itself when he started to frequent the studio of the artist Guglielmo Micheli from Leghorn starting from the summer of 1898.

Although influenced by the avant garde movement of his time, Modigliani's art also has the flavor of his heritage, the immortal fifteenth-century art of his native Italy. One can also see the strong influence of Cezanne, evident in the deliberate deformation of the figure, and free use of large flat areas of color.

Modigliani has remained one of the most popular artists of modern times, with his instantly recognizable personal style. His sensuous nudes, his innocent children, and his individualistic portraits (which capture the personalities of his subjects despite his highly mannered style), all show exquisite refinement of line and color which explains his enduring appeal.

The paintings of Modigliani, highly characteristic and delicate, are marked by sinuous line, simple, flat form, and elongated proportions, which are almost classical in effect. Portraits and figure studies constitute most of his work, and both are characterized by the oval faces for which he is popularly known, Although known to other artists, he remained unknown to the public during his short life, which was one of poverty, debauchery, and disease. Shortly after his death from tuberculosis, his magnificent portraits and figure studies became highly collectible in the art community.

After 1915, Modigliani devoted himself entirely to painting, producing some of his best work. He first produced sculpture inspired by primitive African carvings and cubism but eventually concentrated on painting.

Years later, in 1978 there was even an Off-Broadway production about this artist entitled “Modigliani” and in the year 2002 it was performed again in a theatrical play. For an unknown artist of his time, he became well known in ours.

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Art prints by Amedeo Modigliani
Reclining Nude from the Back The Servant Girl


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