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The Art of Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui (meaning wind-water) is an ancient Chinese science based on the theory that all things have a positive and a negative energy, more commonly known as Chi. The art of Feng Shui is the practice of positioning positively energized objects in your home and workplace to counteract the negatively energized objects. It is believed that such orderly arrangements create an environment of harmony, clarity, and prosperity that not only affect you and the members of your household, but also those who come to visit. Feng Shui has been practiced by millions of people of various cultures and faiths worldwide for centuries, and is still popular today.

How to Implement the Art of Feng Shui into your Life

Implementing Feng Shui into your life can be slightly challenging at first. You will need to educate yourself on which particular objects exude positive and negative energies, and where to place these objects in your surroundings - the two most significant factors in the art of Feng Shui. The selection of artwork is also important. It is not unreasonable to believe that certain images in one’s home can bring out a flurry of emotions in the viewer. Here are some tips to help you get started on your choice of artwork, and its arrangement:

Artwork for Career

To bring about a positive change in your career, hang images of water or metal in the north area of the room you work in. Koi Fish are recommended for career improvement, as they bring energy to aspects of professional advancement, luck, and relationships with co-workers and employers. Pictures of waterfalls, the ocean, a lake, all waters, especially framed in black or dark blue, enhance the energy flow.

Artwork for Reputation

Place images of fire or fire symbols in the south corners of your room to heighten your fame or reputation. The phoenix is a powerful symbol of fire, and the horse inspires confidence that will bring you fame and luck. Also, images of red rocks, sand, and hot deserts are recommended for creating distinction in all aspects of your life.

Artwork for Prosperity

In the southeast section of the room, place the image of a golden frog to increase wealth and prosperity in your life. The most powerful images consist of the golden frog amongst green bamboo or trees because wood is a key element in this area. Another excellent choice is to hang pictures of wooden or golden pots filled with coins.

Artwork for Love

The southwest area of the room (preferably the bedroom and/or living room) is deemed to hold the strongest energy for love and passion. The rose quartz is a symbol of love and healing, so displaying it would help improve your relationships, and perhaps invite a new love into your life. Also effective is to hang a picture of a fox amid bright flowers and foliage.

Artwork for Children

On the west side of the bedroom, place images of elephants to bring luck in the area of fertility, posters or prints of Buddha to carry luck in your children’s future, and pictures of unicorns to protect them.

Artwork for Health

Although the sector for general health within your home is said to be in the east, it is highly recommended among traditional Feng Shui practitioners that every individual find out exactly where their Tian Ye zone is situated. This is crucial for personal healing. For longevity, display images of tortoises and peaches, as in ancient Chinese practice, peaches are used to prolong immortality. The sunflower is a powerful healing symbol, as is the Wu Lu, a gourd that promotes good health.

The above topics are just the tip of the iceberg, as there are many aspects to the art of Feng Shui. Inform yourself and have patience, a virtue that will enhance your journey into this ancient science.


Donovan Gauvreau


Art Historian, Donovan Gauvreau lectures about art therapy with a focus on creativity development. He believes we can learn from the great masters in art to communicate ideas and feelings through painting. He provides content for www.AaronArtPrints.org to educate and inspire people to take a glimpse into an artist's life to better understand the meaning behind their work.


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