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American Gothic

Rainy Season in the Tropics

The Beauty of Color

Max Schmitt in a Single Scull

Jack-in-the-Pulpit No. IV


Worthy Constituents

Red Jackie

Retroactive I

Christina's World

Choosin' Up

American artists

As a frontier land, and later as a developing nation, the American artists were heavily influenced by the styles in art already developed to a high point in the mature societies of Europe. In the course of the 19th century, however, the country developed distinctive variations on the European models. Finally, by the middle of the 20th century in painting and sculpture, U.S. masters and schools of art were exerting a powerful worldwide influence over art.

This period of artistic leadership coincided with the country's increasing degree of international political and financial leadership, and reflected the nation's prosperity. Because of the great size of the country, stylistic variations developed within this main line of artistic growth. Regions that had been settled by different European nations reflected their early colonial heritage in artistic forms to a decreasing degree through the middle of the 19th century.

Differences persisted between the art produced in the city and that produced in the country within the various regions; rural artists, trained or untrained, were isolated from current trends and competitive pressures and produced highly individual modes of expression that were imaginative and direct, independent of prevailing formal conventions.

Artists related to American artists
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Frederic Edwin Church
Thomas Cole
Charles Demuth
Asher Durand
Thomas Eakins
Sidney Goodman
Winslow Homer
Edward Hopper
George Inness
Jasper Johns
Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze
Thomas Moran
Georgia O'Keeffe
Maxfield Parrish
Jackson Pollock
Fairfield Porter
Robert Rauschenberg
Norman Rockwell
Mark Rothko
John Singer Sargent
Gilbert Stuart
Andy Warhol
Grant Wood
Andrew Wyeth


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