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Aaron Art Prints

Aaron Art Prints

Aaron Art Prints is an online art encyclopedia with biographies of hundreds of famous artists, overviews of dozens of art movements and write ups for an abundance of popular art prints. Our specialty is to discuss the history and critiques of individual art prints. Gathering information about fine arts is more enjoyable on our site with its interactive menus, visual style and our ‘randomizer’ feature that allows you to discover and learn about new works of art.

Art prints made from great paintings celebrate life in all its splendor. The masters of art surrender themselves to a vision every time an artwork is created. Pablo Picasso once said, "Art washes from the soul, the dust of everyday life." A great work of art should move and inspire you - awakening something deep inside when you cast your eyes upon it.

Art prints, like the original masterpieces they are made from, each tell a story. Every painting expresses a mood. You can feel an artists' joy, sorrow, frustration, humor and other subtle emotions expressed through the brushstrokes, form, and color.

Pablo Picasso was known for painting in the mood he was feeling. Art prints from his blue and rose periods reflect his expressions of depression and happiness.

Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is an example of a work of art that has been reproduced in every conceivable medium. The many wonderful art prints made from his works of art are timeless and represent a time in history we can only dream about.

In the pop culture and modern art centers of the art world M.C. Escher and Vincent Van Gogh have definitely changed the way the world views art.
Escher's art prints that depict interlocking patterns and optical illusions along with Van Gogh's method of analyzing forms and playing around with the relationship between form and space are truly spectacular.

Few artists will ever experience the kind of success the great masters like Norman Rockwell, Claude Monet and Salvador Dali have had. Their pioneering spirits have set the standard for artists of past and present, to go deep inside themselves and create their own original expressions of art.


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