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Artist: Fra Angelico
Created: 1425-30
Dimensions (cm): 148.0 x 176.0
Format: Fresco
Location: Cell 3, Convent of San Marco, Florence, Italy


The famous painting of the ‘Annunciation’ was created by Fra Angelico between approximately 1425 and 1430. The fresco is a breathtaking glimpse into the epic beginning of Jesus Christ’s life on earth. The Archangel Gabriel comes to tell Mary, who is kneeling on a small wooden bench with her arms crossed over her chest, that she will bear the son of God. Mary appears awestruck by the angel’s presence and overwhelmed by the surprising news, as her facial expression is frozen in amazement. Gabriel wears a pastel-rose gown, adding to the softness of his outstretched multi-toned wings and encircling halo, and presenting an aura of holiness and mystique. Mary’s posture reveals that, although awed by the glory of God, she is also fearful for what is to come. At the far left of the painting stands St. Peter the Martyr, in prayer. Fra Angelico not only masterfully encompassed the figures with the stone archways, but also kept the color tones restrained inside the borders in order to emphasize the significance of the message being delivered in the ‘Annunciation’.


“One of the primary themes that Fra Angelico focused on was The Annunciation, or the moment when Mary was informed that she would be bearing the son of God. We have multiple versions of this same idea by the same painter. The changes between these images are not great. The subtleties in where the viewer is located, what is in the background (be it a room or a man), the themes that surround it (such as the garden of Eden) and the expressions and positions of the figures, tell us that Fra Angelica had a particular vision that he felt was closely communicated the first time.” – Mark Stephen Meadows (Artist, Writer)

The ‘Annunciation’ is currently located over Cell 3 in the Convent of San Marco in Florence, Italy.


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