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Trente ans ou la vie en rose

also known as 30 Years or Life Through Rose Colored Glasses

Artist: Raoul Dufy
Created: 1931
Format: Oil on canvas
Location: Musee National d'Art de Moderne, Paris, France

Trente Ans ou La Vie en Rose (30 Years or Life Through Rose Colored Glasses)

Raoul Dufy took thirty years to paint ‘Trente Ans ou La Vie en Rose’, hence the title for this composition. The painting is also known as ‘La Vie en Rose’ which can be interpreted as “The Rosy Life” or “The Sweet Life”.

Flowers, flowers everywhere! The small bouquet that sits in a vase on a corner table is somewhat replicated in the painting that hangs behind it. The walls seem to scream sweetness and happiness with their varying wallpaper designs, two of which are flowers, the whole in soft and hot pink tones, including the baseboards. Dufy’s inspiration for the wall décor most likely comes from his experience in fabric design and interior decorating.

The artist’s intention, with regard to this painting, was to depict all the good things that life has to offer, ignoring any pain or strife that often interrupts its flow, as implied in its English title, ‘Life Through Rose Colored Glasses’. The overall aspect of ‘Trente Ans ou La Vie en Rose’ appears simple, yet it is intricate in its meticulous details. Dufy added the title, his name and date at the bottom of the canvas.


“The artist adapted the creative use of color and drawing exemplified by Henri Matisse and the Fauve movement, but added a heightened ambient light to achieve the brightness that became an integral element of his work.” – W.Scott Bailey U.S.A. Today
“It was only after the war that he (Raoul Dufy) found his own personal style, producing rapid but precise drawings of frequently plunging perspectives, to which clear colours are applied with a kind of casual freedom. His favourite subjects are regattas, casinos and palm trees, race courses and orchestras, but his representations of the southern towns of Avila and Caltagirone are imbued with equal charm.” - From “ART20, The Thames and Hudson Multimedia Dictionary of Modern Art”

‘Trente Ans ou La Vie en Rose’ by Raoul Dufy is currently located at the Musee National d'Art de Moderne in Paris, France.


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