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Pop art

Pop Art is a visual arts movement of the 1950s and 1960s, principally in the United States and Britain.

The images of pop art were taken from mass culture. Some artists duplicated beer bottles, soup cans, comic strips, road signs, and similar objects in paintings, collages, and sculptures. Others incorporated the objects themselves into their paintings or sculptures, sometimes in startlingly modified form. Materials of modern technology, such as plastic, urethane foam, and acrylic paint, often figured prominently.

One of the most important artistic movements of the 20th century, pop art not only influenced the work of subsequent artists but also had an impact on commercial, graphic, and fashion design. In using images that reflected the materialism and vulgarity of modern mass culture, they sought to provide a perception of reality even more immediate than that offered by the realistic painting of the past.

They also worked to be impersonal - that is, to allow the viewer to respond directly to the object, rather than to the skill and personality of the artist. Occasionally, however, an element of satire or social criticism can be discerned.

Artists related to Pop art
Jean Dubuffet
Keith Haring
David Hockney
Jasper Johns
Ronald B. Kitaj
Roy Lichtenstein
Sigmar Polke
Robert Rauschenberg
Gerhard Richter
Wayne Thiebaud
Andy Warhol


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